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Fund Enrollment Growth

Through its funding partner, placeable offers a loan product with high approval rates that can expand enrollment quickly

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Support Employer Training

Connect with employers to develop training programs for placeable's spin on the apprenticeship approach

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Improve Outcomes

Increase your gainful employment rate by enrolling students in placeable's flagship career training master classes 

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A better way for students to pay for school


By partnering with placeable, schools can grow enrollment and increase access to training programs while reducing students' risk at the same time.

With placeable, students will receive the following benefits:

  • Credit building opportunity by securing a loan without a co-signer
  • Income based repayments designed to be affordable
  • Downside protection in case a student is unemployed or underemployed
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Helping employers build talent

  • Partner with placeable to offer employers high quality and well trained talent built to employer specifications
  • Increase student satisfaction by reducing the cost of education and offering a direct path to employment
  • Improve retention by up-skilling current employees backed by employer funding 
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Attract more students by increasing placement rates

Your students will master the skills needed to control their career! Enroll them today in one of our professional development programs and give them the edge they need to be successful in any endeavor they pursue.
  • Job Search Boot Camp
  • Networking Master Class
  • A Boring Program on Offer Negotiation


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